Web App (aka Web Application)

Web apps are a great resource for automation and for teams with unique workflows that require collaboration and simplified information processing.  A web app can be as simple as a web form that collects and stores data (such as a survey or registration) or they can be as complex as a full featured web-based program that handles information collection, storage, notification, user account managment, processing for your proprietary operations, report generation and more. They are simply online tools that combine the features of a website with the back-end data functionality of a software program to help you accomplish specific tasks. Web apps can be used to handle a wide range of operations that may not be available in an off-the-shelf product – though an off-the-shelf product is a good place to start before investing resources in building a web app.

A Web App Can Save You Time

User-friendly web apps can provide many benefits to teams, businesses and consumers. Some of the benefits of using web apps include no CD, no download or software installation, in most cases no internal program updates to maintain manually, and better device compatibility since the software is run in your internet browser. At most, users need to have internet access with an up-to-date web browser which in the digital age many already do. Flexible and simple web applications combined with smart workflows can help keep your business’ internal operations organized and running more efficiently by improving team productivity and collaboration allowing you to easily input, share and search for information faster.

We review each project to make sure we are a good fit and ensure that a customized web app is right for your unique process.  We walk you through the entire process of getting your web app live. Contact us to learn more.