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Is your website a hot mess? Are you embarrassed to share your domain name? Do you cringe every time you visit your own site? Is your website outdated and desperately in need of a rebrand? Is your website turning people away instead of attracting visitors?

If your website is not quite there don’t worry there are many websites on the internet that could use a refresh. We’ve encountered many people that feel like their website is a hot mess. We love to take on projects like that and help businesses transform their website from a hot mess to visitor delight!

What OurCustomers Love

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Gabriela Cerda
Gabriela Cerda
March 16, 2023.
As a first time working with a web designer it has been nothing more than a pleasant experience. Keshia was very helpful with bringing great ideas, and she was always very tentative to what one is saying and what visions I had. Thank you Keshia for delivering our vision board to life!!
Elizabeth von
Elizabeth von
October 28, 2022.
Would highly recommend. Keshia is very knowledgable and patient and did a great job on my website!
Dana W.
Dana W.
July 15, 2022.
Keshia was very professional, tactful, organized, well-presented, and she gave great information. She has a very warm spirit. I hope to be able to work with her in the near future. I do recommend her, as she also genuinely cares for you and your success. I hope that helps.
Derek Nichols
Derek Nichols
May 12, 2022.
Coditivity and Keshia are very professional and engaging. One of the main strengths that I am impressed with about Coditivity is the total understanding of what my company is not only looking for in a particular project, but need as well.
Meka W
Meka W
February 22, 2022.
Keshia, the Founder, and CEO of Coditivity, have been a Godsend to me. I have encountered Mrs. Phillip through an online webinar in Brooklyn, NY. And her video presence was lovable and caring. Then when I finally connected with her about how I wanted my webpage set up for my first product. It's like she was in my head with my ideas and on the same page. As for her personality, there will be days that I feel things are not going right with my brand, and she listens and gives me positive feedback and encouragement. Also, Mrs. Phillip took the time out of her busy schedule and showed up at my product (via Zoom) launch and the Power Up competition in Brooklyn. You can’t find many people who will do such for their client, and I really appreciate her. Mrs. Keshia Phillip, you rock sis!
John Frias
John Frias
December 8, 2021.
Keisha really took her time and was patients with my clients in order to build them functional websites that met their standards. I would recommend her to everyone.
Raphael Ortiz
Raphael Ortiz
November 3, 2021.
Keshia was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout my entire process, I will definitely be referring her. A+
Amara Brown
Amara Brown
September 27, 2021.
This has been an amazing experience! Keshia helped me bring my vision to life in a way that I never imagined. She listened to my ideas and turned them into reality. I'm extremely happy with my logo, website, and IG starter kit. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY! You will be super happy!

Keshia at Coditivity is very knowledgeable in web design and online marketing. She designed a professional looking newsletter, managed the email campaign and redesigned my logo. I even learned about my business branding and values. She made everything so easy and took ownership of my online marketing project so I can focus on my IT consulting business.I recommend her to anyone looking for a results-oriented online marketing and web designer.

Leo Keith F.

Owner IT Service Company

I met Keshia at a workshop she gave sponsored by BOC about how to create a website. I knew immediately that this was someone I wanted to work with. Keshia is amazing. She is very knowledgable, creative and patient. In addition, she is super-supportive and kind. She helped me every step of the way in creating my website (, and answered my many questions (sometimes multiple times) without every losing her good humor. She provided helpful tools to help me sort through what I wanted. It was super easy to work with her. She made multiple revisions and worked with me cheerfully, finding creative solutions until we were both satisfied. I can't recommend her highly enough. Thank you Keshia and

Pamela W.

NYC School Consultant

It was a wonderful journey working with Coditivity. Great leadership, knowledge and customer service. The owner, Keshia was attentive and extremely patient. First class treatment. I highly recommend their services!

Lucha C.

Planning & Design Specialist

Working with Coditivity was seamless and professional. They provided quality service with extreme patience and expertise. They listened closely to my vision and provided a product that exceeded my expectations. Their attention to detail was impeccable!

Dr. Tessa


Coditivity was an integral part of our business startup team helping us to integrate our general ideas of what we wanted to communicate to the outside world about our business into a coherent and attractive outcome, our website.

Kenneth B.

President / Senior Environmental Engineer

Thanks for creating a beautiful website for ICFNY from scratch. After contacting many companies and individuals to help with our website, I discovered that Coditivity is singular in its abilities and customer service. We look forward to working with Coditivity on future projects.

Derek N.

Founder & CEO

We were so impressed with the outcome, we soon charted a course for a second project, for which Keshia agreed. As with the first project, her methodology, organizational skills and technical ability shined through. She once again demonstrated her technical prowess with HTML, CSS, SQL, ASP.NET, Relational Database design and implementation. As with the first project, she exceeded all expectations. I highly recommend Keshia and her organization Coditivity Inc. Her remarkable professionalism married with her technical ability makes her a unique choice for any organization.

Ron S.

Chief Technology Officer

Thanks to Keshia, we now have a multi-faceted ministry database that ties together our website and email! It allows us to better serve people who contact us for help. We can now complete our work much faster than in the past. The transition for our workers to the new system has been a smooth one. Since Keshia has been available to answer our questions and troubleshoot if necessary. We plan to refer her to others looking for a sharp and skilled programmer.

Judith B.

Acts of Hope Leader

14 Signs Your WebsiteMight Be a Hot Mess

  1. You don’t love it
  2. Your customers don’t love it
  3. The colors are not balanced or harmonious
  4. The images are pixelated
  5. It doesn’t have a flow
  6. The content is not organized
  7. It’s hard to find what you’re looking for
  8. It’s easy to get lost
  9. Too many sections have a wall of text that’s hard to scan
  10. It doesn’t work well on mobile devices
  11. It takes too long to load
  12. It is lacking brand consistency
  13. It doesn’t look secure
  14. It feels overwhelming or confusing

ManagingYour Website

Most websites are not set it and forget it. Many of us would love to just launch our website and get on with our lives, however in reality websites require a bit of TLC. Not only is it important to keep your content fresh, it’s also important to refresh your website as your customers needs change and your business evolves.

As a growing business, you may find it challenging to manage your website changes.

Perhaps you need to make a few design tweaks here and there but forgot where to go. Maybe you need to add or update some content, add products or make other updates.

Some of our customers prefer the do-it-yourself route, but others are way too busy handling operational responsibilities to focus on the design and technical effort required to maintain a website. Some businesses are very active in the marketplace but they are at a point where they need to make improvements. Others may not feel as comfortable making changes to their own website. Having help from an experienced expert would give them peace of mind.

Wouldn’t it be great to have someone with the design and technical expertise you need there for you when you need to offload the task of managing your website? Hiring a full-time web developer is an option, but for some businesses they may not have the budget or the workload to higher a full-time graphic & web designer yet.

Get Help With Your Website

If you need help managing your website and you’re not quite ready for a full-time web developer, our website maintenance plans might be a perfect fit for you.

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