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Brand Development

Every business and entrepreneur is as unique as a snowflake. Having a solid well-defined brand presence will help you connect with the right people who need what you have to offer. Even when you have a great idea, you may not always know how best to communicate it to your primary customer base. You might even have an amazing strategy and a great website, however, you may be missing out on opportunities to grow.

Our primary concern at Coditivity is to help our customers build a solid brand foundation they can translate into a beautiful, modern user-friendly website and provide you with branded visuals that brings out your business’s true value. Use our free Brand Color Quiz Tool or Brand Foundation Tool to jump start your brand development or rebrand efforts.

Our Process
an Awesome Product!

Web, UX & Graphic Design

Some might say design is not that important, but we strongly disagree. Think about your experiences using websites, online shops, apps, or kiosks that are confusing, not working properly, hard to navigate or difficult to do what you need. Those encounters can leave you feeling frustrated and cause you to dislike and distrust programs like that. When it comes to your website, blog or shop, you need beautiful aesthetics to capture and keep your audiences’ attention. Having a solid foundation, providing high-value content, and giving careful thought to every touch point of your visitor’s experience can leave a lasting impression and lead to higher engagement. Think of it like open an invitation for return visits. Thoughtful design is a key part of your search optimization strategy which you do not want to overlook.

At Coditivity, we believe that good design can be an effective communication tool, can spark joy and demonstrate that you care about your visitor. With our suite of design services, we help you create your website, landing page, blog or shop that’s an extension of the in-person experience you want your customers to have. We also design beautiful modern graphics, forms and documents to help you stay on brand. When your visitors interact with your brand whether in-person or online every touch point matters. So together let’s build a beautiful, high-value experience your visitors will enjoy!

SEO & Digital Marketing

Our first rule of marketing is to begin with an irresistible product or service that makes a difference in someone else’s life. This is the best marketing tool because when something is good, people will want it, and they talk about it.  Yet, even if you have an amazing product, service, or idea that can help people, it won’t really get to the next level if no one knows about it. Marketing can be hard but it doesn’t have to be. There are strategies you can use to reach your goals.

For us at Coditivity, it all starts with a solid brand from there we make sure your online presence is consistent with your brand image so every touch point is reflective of the experience you want to provide. Authenticity and good design is a foundation that helps you communicate your message more effectively. These are the core principles we use to ground our digital marketing strategies to connect your business with your desired audience so you can grow ethically in the marketplace. We help you connect Google Analytics, create your SEO strategy, audit your current website SEO, fix SEO issues, integrate your digital marketing tools into your website, plan your email marketing campaign, brainstorm and implement growth strategies. Try out our free Email Campaign Planner.

Custom Code & Features

We like a good template or off-the-shelf product just as much as the next person, though, at times they can feel a bit cookie cutter. Templates and off-the-shelf products can make a great jumping-off point or save you tons of time if you need to do something rapidly. The down-side however is when you need more functionality or want to do something more creative – you can quickly encounter limitations. That’s where we come in.

When you need to customize your interface, add custom code, add custom forms, add special features, or integrate special tools with your existing website, we tailor solutions that fit your goals and budget. Adding those special touches can help you deliver the brand experience your customers will appreciate. Need to add special features or customizations to your website? Request a quote today and let’s work together to implement your vision.

Partner with Coditivity

Are you a fan of our work? Have you heard good things or were referred by someone? Want to be a part of our dynamic community? We can facilitate your workshop tailored for your school, staff, program, or agency? Tell us how you would like to collaborate and our team will review your request then reach out to you.

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